About how the project came about.

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Team members :

Director and Producer Dennis Aydemir
Original Score Berke Can Ozcan
Animation Eva Redamonti
Editors Enver Perez, Suphi Uzun

Production Phase Funded on Kickstarter
and by Ayşin Akbarut.
Post-Production Phase Supported by Oguz Aydemir
and Dennis Aydemir.

When a language dies the world loses a part of its humanity. Time Travels Through Sound is a documentary project that aims to bring music sung in languages that faces extinction into the future. There are about 7000 languages in the world, and only 85 of these languages are being spoken by the world's majority. Every 14 days a languages becomes extinct. When that happens we lose our connection to the land, oral traditions, and music.

The project as a whole is a celebration of the intangible beauty of sound, and how it's both impermanent and endless. The upcoming film; The Elements is a poetic, non-verbal (or better yet, non-spoken) documentary feature film that invokes deep emotions through the music and life of Anatolian, Turkic, Mongolic, Ainu and Ryukuyuan people.